Requiring Extra margins than other platforms

Correction. I noticed that I placed two call order. Not so much difference in margin requirement. If minor differences persist. I will live with it.


Can you share the legs for which you were trying to place orders, will check and confirm. Our @Dhan_Help team is on / please mark a copy on as well, will look into this.

Hi @Jp007 We do appreciate you bringing it up to us. We have patiently reveted to you on your every thread and also made changes wherever we can to ensure we do it right - which was how the legs in a basket orders were arranged and also simplified the communication to make it clear both on app & web.

On how options premium benefit is calculated on Dhan v/s other broker you compared with, we have also mentioned the same that we are in line with the expectations of the rules in place.

We continue to work with all our users and taken their feedback and suggestions to improve our products. Ofcourse it is disappointing when users like you quit the platform. Dhan gets better everyday as a product. If there are any open bugs you still have in web platform, happy to review them as well. Thank you.

Hi @gudiya Can you share the order construct with us on and, will have this checked.

Looks like this issue still persists. I first bought OTM PE and CE options to make PE/CE selling easy and convenient, however my PE and CE sell orders got rejected due to insufficient balance. I had to deposit the full margin to take the trade. Effectively full margin (required for a naked PE sell) was blocked even though I had OTM BUY legs open (just FYI I am not referring to a basket order, but individual legs executed separately).

@Naman @PravinJ Pls look into this issue unless you want your customers to defect to another broker.

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Hi @Kv7 Request you to share the orders you were trying to place on We will have this checked.

Thanks @PravinJ for your reply. I’ve sent you an email a while ago.

I’m trying to form a order to get the margin benefit by hedging but it is being rejected with a notification of insufficient fund

and i have also tried the one where i bought the call options first and sell option later

Hi @ankitch29

We request you to drop an email to so we can have this check-in detailed.

dear i have sent everything ever mail but haven’t recieved any response from you

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i thought of taking a spread ratio trade in sensex, though in builder it was showing very low over all margin but still i followed the overall margin of basket which you can see is 1.82 lacs and free cash that i have for now is around 1.91 lacs so i executed the orders.


now see the result of it


with the failed sell order it started giving me the loss, that too is ok

and since my those two orders were in open for a while so what i did is sell the call again but now it was showing the full premium and not giving the benefit of hedges which were in open orders


please explain what is wrong in the order execution and i’m writing this mail after trying all the combinations.

and yeah i have tried sell the straddle also, as soon as order of one leg it is executed it failed to execute the other as it didnt allow the hedge benefit then also

Get used to it on Dhan Platforms.
Plus, be mindful while trading in Sensex options as the expired contracts which are left ro be settled on their own are always shown as open. Obviously, this leads to an overall incorrect pnl.

Most hilarious thing is that below the pnl statements, they always mention that the company isn’t responsible for its correctness. :rofl:

Wonder who is responsible in that case ??

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This is a old post about how margins were calculated., and it is fully addressed.

Hi @ankitch29 Can you forward the email to Will review this.