(Resolved) Account Frozen by KRA - Freeze Set Up? What to do now?

I got an email which say,
“This is to inform you that demat account held with Depository Participant : MONEYLICIOUS SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED , is frozen for Both Debit And Credit by DP for reason Account Holder Related PAN Inoperative.”
What I am supposed to do now?

Kindly check if your PAN linked with AADHAR , if not kindly link.

I checked my pan status on the incometax website, and there it shows that my pan is Active and Operative, Also when I try to link, it shows that they are already linked!

Our Team will get back to you soon don’t worry.

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@Prajwal - Please check PAN & Aadhaar link status here: e-Filing Home Page, Income Tax Department, Government of India

Hi @Ayush1

Our team is looking into this, and will get back to you soon.

I too got same email from CDSL. PAN and Aadhaar has been linked a long time back (so that’s not the issue most probably). Have emailed for Dhan support team. I have opened account recently with Dhan with great expectations (have done all steps of KYC) and i just hope such issues which might make demat account holders a bit worried gets resolved ASAP.

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Hi @ValueInvestor0

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Request you do not panic or worry about such these please drop us an email at our customer support at help@dhan.co It would be helpful if you could share the screenshot to establish proof of linkage by visiting the links quoted above.

aadhar pan linked. screenshot shared in mail .
fyi …if i had not linked them i should get the notification from all other brokers i have an account with . i oly got from dhan related dp @Divyesh

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Hi @Divyesh I have sent email first regarding the problem and have sent second email again with proof that i have linked my PAN and Aadhaar (with screenshot from IT portal aadhaar link status). I have recieved email again this morning from CDSL regarding my account being frozen specifically from Dhan. It’s a Dhan specific problem as the CDSL is stating it specifically that my demat held with Depository Participant Moneylicious Security Private Limited is frozen and my demat from other DP isn’t affected or haven’t received any message from them either. I have sent a third email now with screenshot from CDSL email. So kindly address the issue.

Hi @ValueInvestor0

We kindly request you not to worry about such matters. If your Aadhaar and PAN card are already linked to your demat account, it will not be frozen, and you can continue to use it freely.

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Same Here, received the same email.

Hi @SmallCapHunter as well as other users in this thread,

Please note that this was solved today morning itself! We have also sent a communication to all regarding the current Active “Not Frozen” status of their CDSL account.

If you still face any issues, kindly let us know.


My account is still showing frozen in cdsl by DP…plz resolve

Hi @abhishekdeep welcome to Dhan community!

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or email us at help@dhan.co so we can have this checked.

My details are as follows:
Abhishek Deep
DP ID: 12083400
Client ID: 02458371

This account is frozen since last 1 month. All KYC related works are complete. At CDSL site, account is mentioned as Frozen for both debit and credit by DP.

Plz support urgently.

Hi @abhishekdeep,

We are having this checked, will update on your registered email id once resolved.

Sorry to say this but this statement I am listening since last 15 days…hope this time this is not just a mere statement…

Same issue today also…Invalid PAN message

Hi @abhishekdeep,

We understand the frustration. We are in regular touch with KRA agencies to have your code activated. Unfortunately, this is not in our control hence we are unable to share specific timeline.

We appreciate your understanding.