(Resolved) Dhan Platform BSE Price

Hi @PravinJ - Sad to say but nowadays, I am seeing a new bug almost everyday in the app.
Yesterday, I highlighted empty ledger report issue which is still unresolved.
Couple of days ago, I noticed that two different emails for MTF against same pledge Request (One stated successful and other stated unsuccessful).
Today, I am seeing incorrect pricing for IFL enterprises. Closing price suppose to be 6.97 and app is showing 8.04
Also, if the smallcase shares are sold directly via portfolio, those shares still reflect under portfolio → Smallcase section. This needs to be fixed.
I have been a huge fan of Dhan platform, pls resolve these small glitches, which sets back the great customer experience.

Hi @SagarK Thanks for your note.

Let me explain, in the case of BSE - you will notice that y’day BSE sent a price update tick at 16:11:00 (its on screenshot) where the price tick was sent incorrectly by the exchange. Screenshot on Google shows last tick at 03:45 PM. We are aware of this, and same will get resolved. It is an update from exchange side. Similar was case with pledge confirmation error, it happened due to the status we received.

Trading systems are designed with a thought process that data from exchange is always true, when that changes - we have a lot of work to do on our side. Although it looks like a price error, in our case we have to ensure updates to script, portfolios, contract notes, settlements and all more operational processes.

We continue to work and ensure we provide our users great customer experience. Trading systems are super complex, so at times our teams may take a bit longer to resolve issues if any, that said our teams to track and maintain a closure on all concerns raised by our users. Thanks for your continued support.

Sir, with all due respect to the hardwork of you and your team, this is something that I agree with @SagarK.

Dhan is innovating and introducing new features which is good but on the other hand there are basic things which are getting neglected.

Would you use a mobile phone which has all the advanced features but basic calling is not done properly. Dhan has become such a mobile phone. (Apologies for being rude :pray: :pray:)

I can cite so many bugs in charts/chart data/presentation/watchlist/scrip database/search facility etc. Literally, I have to stop myself from highlighting those because there is no point when earlier ones are unresolved.

We understand being a small team you have constraints. And you have your own priorities for platform as well. But please… see from the user’s perspective. A mobile phone is useful only when it gets the calling done. Other features are useful too but they come secondary.

I hope you will take this feedback in right spirit and improve the things.

Hi @SagarK This should be updated now. Request you to please confirm.