(Resolved) Dhan web SL LMT orders


Dhan web is rejecting SL-LMT order
44700CE, to be exited at a trigger of 9 rs and LMT price of 11rs
It says Lmt price out of range.

Screenshot attached
Kindly chk

Have contacted the cust care, but still am on hold. SO posting here

Hi @som079 The Limit Price that goes to exchange has a price range of 10%.

Hi @PravinJ

Is there some way to resolve this?
So that the SL-LMT order can be used for profit trailing on expiry days

Perhaps allowing index options greater %

Example - A short position I have (nifty pe) is LTP 4rs

I want to exit if the price crosses 6rs, but then I can only put a LMT order of 6.6Rs,
60ps is too small a gap for getting a fill. Atleast 2-3 rs would be ideal.

Hi @som079

Suggest you to please go through this, these are limitations form exchange end. If we do not have these controls in place, the orders will be rejected by exchange.