(Resolved) Higher margin requirement than other brokers

as i am very new to Dhan and before using zerodha for futures and options and i didnt know that it ublocks very high margin than required by other brokers
let me show you
for this strategy on sensex margin requirement on dhan is about 6.64 lakh where as in case sensibull it is only of 4.65lakh

as a result of which im not able to buy more lots which i should have been able to if i were trading on zerodha
lets look at other example of bank-nifty where it is almost same as in both which is of about 3.68lakh

please look into the issue and provide a possible solution

Hi @ankitch29

Your final margin will around 6.64lakh for the sensex strategy. And for Bank nifty your final margin will be blocked around 3.68 lakh. Margin requirement at dhan is as per exchange mandate. We do not include net premium in final blocked margin, other platforms subtracts premium while showing margin requirement.