(Resolved) How to update average price?

I transferred some shares from other broker to here. Due to some bug, I was asked to update average price twice on mobile for same no of shares and finally the overall average price was wrong. How to update average price as currently it is reflecting wrong prices.

Hi @trnchawla Welcome to Dhan community.

When you transfer shares to Dhan, you will have to add the avg buy price on Dhan. Stocks that do not have an average buy price, will be highlighted and the option to update the same will be shown to you. We have 100s of users transferring this.

Since this is an account specific query, request you to connect with our Customer Service team on help@dhan.co

This is a bug, even after entering buy price for first time, it kept showing me some shares have no buy price but I could see the right average price getting updated. I opened the mobile app and it showed me option to fill buy price which I did and then started showing average price lower than actual buy price which I calculated manually. Please fix this bug or update my buy price manually

Hi @trnchawla

We request you to kindly send an email to help@dhan.co, and our team will review and update your average price.

done that, waiting for resolution.

Hi @trnchawla

We have received your email. Please allow us some time to review it, and we will get back to you shortly.

thank you for the support.

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Hi @trnchawla

The average price has been updated now.