(Resolved) Incorrect charges for nov3rd

I have been charged 3600 for brokerage for the trades made on nov3rd

Which includes

7 lots of natural gas nov fut buy and sell
1 lot of gold dec fut
15 lots of CRUDEOIL 6900 pe

Now tel me why 3600 charged for brokerage
And another 3600 for exchange charges
This is not first time in throwing wrong charges
Please explain the same
Until then I will not do trading in dhan portal

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@Simhachow please share your UCC over DM to get this checked further.


Plz check the trades for nov3 and explain me charges for brokerage
Till now I didn’t get contract note for the same

Experienced same for the same day .

Mothers account

Incorrect brokerage charged for me as well. Almost 5x extra shown in Trader’s Diary. @PravinJ @iamshrimohan @Dhan_Help pls fix.

This will get updated. Its reflecting higher in Trader’s Diary.

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Further there was no contract note sent like you used to send every day around 5:00 AM
Plz check why no contract note was sent for nov3rd trades
Even I tried to get one by clicking send contract note option in app but no mail was delivered

For 12 traders brokerage is 3600??

How it’s is possible

K noted. Thanks @PravinJ.

Fixed now. Thanks… :pray:


I see brokerage I charges are reverted

And also taxes also reverted

May I know why this happend and this really make me to think of checking everyday for charges levied by Dhan

Correct. If someone who doesn’t check contract notes on regular basis, will end up paying incorrect high charges.

Hi @SagarK The error was on Trader’s Diary itself. Contract notes run on a separate system.

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But contract note was never sent till date for Nov3rd trades

Hi @Simhachow Request you to drop a note to help@dhan.co in case you missed the contract notes. Our team will assist you with same.