(Resolved) No scroll bar, Traders Diary shows only 20 trades (possible bug)

Hi Dhan

cc @PravinJ

When the basic scroll functionality is absent or not working, the web experience becomes really painful. For instance, just the top 20 trades are displayed in the traders diary, not all of the trades.

It only displayed 20 of the 33 trades I had. The traders diary (web) does not have a functional scroll bar.

Is this a know issue?


Hi @jaison,

I replicated the same now and it is working fine. You can directly scroll down by using touchpad. Let us know if you are facing any challenges in navigating a particular page so we can review this.

Hi Poornima,

I appreciate your prompt assistance. After you indicated it works, I was thrilled to discover that it works when I resize(make it smaller) the browser window (which is wonderful news), but not when it is full size (tested on Chrome and Edge).

Also, is there a method to activate the scroll bar widget on the UI, as the scrollbar serves as a visual cue to the user that the page contains more data?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jaison,

We will surely optimize this to improve your experience. Noted your suggestion for scroll bar widget.

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