(Resolved) Unexpected price given for 'stop order'

My limit price was less than 9.20 yet my BUY trade was executed and given a price of 9.20
You can clearly see from the screenshot that the high of the candle was 9.00 and my buy price was 9.20 at that point of time even after execution of teh SELL order. This happened today.

Such unexpected price have happened in the past as well with TV chart. This is serious repeating issue. Please help. Thanks

Another screenshot at 3 min timeframe shows CLEARLY that 9.0 was high price during both the candles where my BUY and SELL trades were executed. Then how come my BUY price was 9.20?

Hi @Shrinivas100 Charting systems and trading systems are different ones. Charts shows snapshot of data received from exchange, it is a snapshot and does not all data points for the transactions that may have happened in that time-period.

We have explained this in detail here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

This is in zerodha in real time. High of 14:24 candle is correctly shown as 9.20
Dhan chart needs to catch up to zerodha. You cannot escape by saying it happens between platforms and service providers. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Shrinivas100 Nope, its not about escaping. Different brokers get data from the exchanges from different servers, this is likely to happen. We have many instances where the charts were accurate on us, but not for others.

We have taken lots of efforts for the past two years to make significant improvements to charts, and continue to do more.

Okay let’s see.

I’ll evaluate both zerodha and dhan charts on a daily basis and see the issues in both.

Pravin Sir,

This same issue has happened with me… And it happens on a regular basis.

I was an Upstox user. But to keep my Investing and Trading Account separate, I started trading on Dhan.

And on regular basis, I see discrepancy on Low and High of Candles on the 3-Min and 5-Min Time-frame.

I regularly compare my Entry-Exit Candles on Dhan with that of Upstox. And I regularly find discrepancy on the Low-High Levels of Candles.

Please solve it.

@PravinJ - Yes this is exactly I wanted to point out. And we cannot say that these issues are there in all platforms. It is a dhan specific issue. Please help to resolve this quickly. Thanks

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Hi @Shrinivas100 Just saw this and thought to share here. Again, not commenting here because Dhan is right and some other platform is incorrect, this is generally how charting and information processing on charts works.


Hope this clarifies.

Looks like we have to live with till technology upgrades in general.

@PravinJ @Poornima
First image is from dhan. Second is from Zerodha. Same strike price of the option has gaps in dhan chart but continuity in zerodha. I have bene observing this for many days.

These gaps do not GIVE CONFIDENCE to enter the trade where the trade was ACTUALLY beautifully set up to enter.