Response for Rejection RMS:1123111623154:BUYBACK NOT ALLOWED

Why is buy back of shares not allowed on same day .
i have supposedly 10000 shares of a stock x in my holdings.
i sold 5000 at rs 50 (just for sake )
now i want to buy 5000 again when price buy dhan is not allowing me despite having more than enough funds in my demat already (not using the funds provided by selling the initial 5000)
i see no point to why it is not allowed.
this will lead to bad customer experience and ultimately people will have to switch to brokers who allow , coz this is a very important aspect of trading.
it is simple , i sold some shares at say 50 rs price from holdings , price is not 45 . i would like to buy more at 45 46 price with new funds .
why the hell am i not allowed to

Hi @ayushgoyal

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We used to allow this earlier, however, this has changed post-regulatory changes from 8 May 2023. We have explained this in detail below:

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found a better way
buy order on intraday and convert it into delivery