Risk Update: For Expiry Day, Physical Delivery Margin in F&O (Stock Options) Segment

Hi @Varsha777 We have already shared comparison of all platforms v/s Dhan post your request. @Naman’s detailed note is here:

Other brokers referred by you, also do not allow fresh positions on Expiry - 1 and on Expiry day. Risk and such measures are done for bad times. Not all clients may trade as perfectly as you would, however if there are margin obligations for any of the clients, that amount has to be paid by the broker. On an ongoing basis, there are huge penalties on brokers for not just missing margin obligations, even reporting this. Anything wrong in risk management has potential to wipe out the broking platform.

The implications of that are huge for us and that aside, and also the said is policy is pretty much an industry standard is what we understood after we reviewed this post your request. Many platforms would even cut positions on Expiry - 2 and Expiry - 1 days as well. Hope this clarifies.

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