Saving drawings

I make drawings on charts, for some stocks these drawings are saved and for some these drawings are missing. I save the browser tab before closing it.

Is this expected behavior?
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Open
  2. Perform a symbol search
  3. Select a symbol
  4. Draw a few trendlines
  5. Press Ctrl+S
  6. Close the tab
  7. Open
  8. Open previous symbol
  9. Check result

Hi @supertrader,

You have followed the right steps to save the drawings. We have done the same and it works (video attached).

We will be happy to connect with you to understand your specific case. Kindly share your details at so we can arrange a video meet with our team.

Drawings TV

Hi @Poornima ,
I am also facing same issue. In your demo video you are not closing the current tab.
These drawings are temporarily present in browser but when you close the tab most of the drawings get vanished only few of them remains there.
Few of my friends are going through same issue.

I also issue same problem some time. Also in dhan app tradingview chart spacially in morning Saison. Drawing vanished when out from chart and re-enter chart.

Hi @Harsh & @LeadPB, Welcome to Dhan Community.

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or email us at with details so we can have this checked.

Just to add, there is a timeout of 15 seconds to auto-save the changes in the layout. If the layout has been auto-saved or manually saved then you will see the right sign in the layout cloud symbol. So you may reopen the charts only once the drawings are saved in server.