Scrolling Charts in Indices Details on Dhan desktop web page

I am attaching a screenshot of Dhan Desktop web page which has a very good feature of Indices Details.

However, I find that even though it has a feature of sorting column heads, it does not having any scrolling down Tab for going ahead further than 12 Scrips on whatever item is scrolled.

I request you to add this feature which would be of immense help to me and Investor community at large. I have highlighted at necessary points for your ready reference.

Hi @anilpalan

At this moment, you can scroll it via mouse or touchpad. We have made a note of your suggestion to add a direct scroll bar and will surely explore the possibilities for enhancing our user’s product experience. Thankyou !

Thanks @Sameet for your prompt reply. I did some google searching for settings on my touch pad which was earlier showing Down motions scrolls up. Due to this, I was not able to scroll down on my Touchpad but would suggest if a side bar is added for easy scrolling.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt reply.

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Yes, the touchpad will work for scrolling but have noted your suggestion.