"See how it works" link is not working on https://smallcases.dhan.co/

Hi @Dhan Team,

I was exploring the website https://smallcases.dhan.co/ and want to see how it works.

I tried to access the button “See how it works” shown in above image.

It opens a new window with Not Found error.

I am sure you are already on it and working to resolve it. Adding this issue just in case if this was missed.

Update : None of the links in that dropdown is working.

Hope this is helpful.


Hi @vverma508 ,

Thanks for pointing this out, will be resolved shortly. Meanwhile, if you’d like to an overview on smallcases, you can check this out Now Live: smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience

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Hi @Pranita ,

Thanks for sharing the link with me. It was helpful.