Sell orders not going through

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

We are not able to exit positions as sell orders are not going through. Pls help.

This happened for around 10 min. Several retries failed. Not just for me but my fellow traders as well. Now it is resolved.

Me and the traders I know who faced this issue were geographically at different locations and were using different net connections. This is not a connectivity issue therefore. It has something to do with some open limits reaching for the branch / broker at the exchange.

Exit orders for sell positions failed both via webhook and dhan app order interface.

Hi @t7support

Asking @Dhan_Help team to look at this. Yes, it is does not have anything to do with connectivity.

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Thanks @PravinJ. Appreciate Dhan’s quick response.

Hi @t7support,

We found that at the time this order was sent for execution, another very large order got executed that led to reaching the margin limit (set at exchange at the member level). This happened momentarily, and post this orders were executing normally.

Dhan Customer Support

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Hmm…just caught on the wild when this hit us. Hope intraday square off charges will not be levied for us…

Hi @t7support, in case it gets levied on this specific orders, please write to our team on with the order number and we will get same reversed.

Will let our team know.


Thanks @PravinJ . Will do so.