Sensex F&O Trades higher than Nifty today on Dhan!

This surprised us - Traded Orders on Sensex Options today are much higher than Nifty on Dhan.

Looks like option trading on Friday is likely to take a twist, or was it just one off day. That said, we have observed higher trades among traders on Dhan consistently for the past few weeks on our platform!

We just went live for all users with BSE Sensex 3 weeks back, more here: Now Live: BSE F&O with all your Favorite Features!


However, the Sensex expired options are still being shown as open in pnl statements.

Have highlighted this many times on community, through mail & on twitter DM .
It seems nobody is bothered about the same despite acknowledging that its incorrect

Hi @Hiya Yes, our team has already raised this. In case of Dhan, our clearing corporation is NCCL where the BSE scrips are to be mapped correctly. It’s already work in progress.

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Everyday expiry now a days offer intraday option selling opportunities like never before. Friday though funds get distributed between currency and sensex trades :rofl: