Serious charting update issue!

Hi @abhayverma071

I usually wouldn’t do this, but saying 1-2 sec slower is a matter of concern. Here is something I recorded just now on my machine - its is Dhan chart performance v/s other broker v/s tradingview v/s another large brokers.

It’s clearly visible that Dhan is much faster than all of them and we keep updating our systems to make it even faster, better and reliable.

That aside: Additionally note that no two charts across brokers or platforms will be same. Please note that charting is very complex and has multiple components that depend on - your ISP, network, connectivity, our connection with exchange, exchange pop location, server location, data rendering by our end, your machine, cpu & memory utilization and much much more.

If there are problems, on Dhan we acknowledge them and also solve for it always. We still have the harshest of feedbacks we get from our users on this community and very rarely delete any posts or comments, even if they are against us.

Specially for charts, we monitor them endlessly through the market trading hours ourselves. If any thing goes wrong here, we know of this much before our users will and if it goes wrong - we will be faster to resolve.