Sgx nifty is not showing in global indices, how to add

how to add global indices sgx nifty,

Sgx Is No More, We’ve This In Our Gift City

but till yesterday it was showing in global indices

Oh, You Were Talking About In Dhan App, I’m Not From Support Team So I Don’t Have Any Idea, Maybe @Poornima Or Team @Dhan Can Answer This

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SGX NIFTY we are removing across all platforms of Dhan,

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when will u be adding gift nifty

My guess is that should now happen when we as a stock broker start our business in GIFT City. I will have to check if there are any alternatives.

That aside earlier SGX had a edge because of time zone difference, how would you look at that data now to make trading decisions?

i didnt understand…when exactly tho right now …in few hours or days??

gift nifty operates 21 hours a day…so yeah it is helpful

Not sure, few months away for later maybe., no immediate plans to start operations in GIFT City. We have gone slow on that.

so u wont be adding it to global indices soon…ok