Share transfer from the other broker to Dhan

Hi Dhan team,

I have some unlisted shares which I wanted to transfer to Dhan, please check the below SS and guide me on the issue and solution for the same,

Issue - transection status showing as 'ISIN is not active ’

Hope this helps

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Thanks @t7support for this :slight_smile:

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@PravinJ these are unlisted shares, for which ISIN is inactive, please guide me on, how to transfer them from my past broker to Dhan

Hi @Sachinkm,

Currently, it is not possible to transfer shares between brokers if the ISIN is inactive.

Jay K.

@JayK actually I wanted to close that broker’s account, just because of these I’m unable to do so,

Is there any provision do so through offline or online

getting below errors while transferring shares,

Hi Chaitanya,

We recommended you to use Google chrome browser for the same.

For any queries, feel free to Chat with us directly from the CS section of the App / Website or write us at


Hi ,

I tried with chrome as well, facing same issue.


Hi @chaitanyakulkarni,

We would certainly like to help. We request you to drop us an email at or call at 022-4890 6273.

We’ll make sure to look into it with the utmost priority.


Hi Poornima,
I am getting the popup “ECS Digital Signer Service Not running. Please run the service and refresh this page!” as soon as I move to the setup page in the Easieasiest portal, I wanted to move my holdings from the old broker to Dhan.
Is anyone else facing the same issue, can anyone help me out here?
attaching screenshots for popups I am getting.

I am using chrome only.

second popup.

third popup.


I have one question regarding the transfer of shares from another broker linked Demat account to Dhan linked Demat account. Let’s say I bought 1000 ITC shares @200 rupees each a year ago and now I want to transfer these shares to Dhan. What happens to the average buy price of the shares after transfering to the Demat account linked with Dhan? Do Dhan platforms have option to set average buy price as 200 or will Dhan show the average buy price as the price on the day of shares transferred?

This is the only question stopping me to transfer my shares from another broker to Dhan, would be great if anyone from Dhan support team can answer this question.


Once the shares are received in Dhan demat account, you will get an alert to set your average buy price. Also you can add only one price to all shares - this is handled as a single transfer to demat account. So if you say have bought 100 shares at 200, and 100 shares at 300 - on alert you will have to add the avg buying price - which will be 250 for 200 shares in this case. This is one-time only and irreversible, please make sure you add the price correctly.

Awesome. Thank you for the quick response.

I think Dhan should add option to add multiple trades. Like let the user enter 100 shares bought at Rs. 200, another 100 bought at Rs. 300 and then Dhan system can calculate the average. The only difference is that Dhan is calculating average instead of user thereby minimising chances of error.

What happens if let’s say 100 shares are bought in March of the last financial year and then 100 were bought in April of the new financial year? If they will be seen as single transfer with no option to specify dates, won’t that impact tax P&L?

what is demat number of Dhan so that transfer the shares from other broker to dhan?

Hi @MCA,

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You can find your Demat/BO ID in the “Profile and Account Details” section in the app and web under your Profile.