Show Tradingview Margin Requirement

Dhan Tradingview me Automatically margin calculate kar margin required, Available margin show karne ka feature dijiye, fyers bhi Tradingview use karta hai usme hai yah.
Important feature hai ye.


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This is very much needed, had to calculate manually.

Also, can Dhan provide order value as 1 more row in Positions table. It helps in managing freak trades. Thanks

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Yes it’s essential for FNO Traders


Hi @Skr Welcome to Dhan community.

Yes, we have this request from users and we are trying to figure out a way for this. On our TradingView web console ( we use the native ordering experience of TradingView and many users, along with us like this one a lot, unfortunately the limitation is we are not able to show the margin required here - we are figuring out the possibilities.

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@PravinJ what’s progress in this ?? i am really missing the margin requirement feature… currently halt an idea to move to Dhan From Fyers due to this… this is the core thing… plz provide as soon as possible !


Create a Seperate Order window like Fyers Platform it helps Dhan End users to trade with peace of mind

i hope your team is very good at understanding the clents, so i used another broker name for reference purpose

and also please check this requirement once

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @TheRadhaKrishna @Varsha777

We understand your pain. It is just that we have to trade-off between native Tradingview order panel and margin required feature on Order placement screen.

In our conversation with traders who often use TV, are used with native TV order panel. Therefore, to start we come up this view. But no worries, our team is figuring out a solution where we can bring best of both worlds.


i don’t understand who are this traders who dont want to know margin requirement … am sorry but it sound cheesy. Maybe upuntill few years ago everyone was trading through tradingview via indian or foreign brokers, maybe thats why they still dont want to change, :smiley:

but having this feature make sense. not having this features make no sense.

If this is true why not introduce a toggle button , that be the middle ground.
like other mentioned other platforms have tradingview or its lite verion where u can see margin required before u palce an order.

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