Showing shortage of funds , but i have already bought those stock

Forever sell order issue found

  1. See i have already bought this stock.
  2. As a stop loss i have create forever sell for delivery stocks
  3. Why this is showing shortage of funds
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Hi @anshuopinion,

Thanks for highlighting. We will review this.

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Thanks for replying

You guys are awesome and Quick.

I am sharing feedbacks to improve dhan.

I am also frontend dev

Hi @anshuopinion,

We have pushed an update for this. Request you to please check tomorrow.

Showing same for me. I have bought stocks but forever sell order is showing shortage of funds. Why sell on delivery segment requires extra fund?

As a stop loss my all forever sell order is triggered …

now i don’t have any open position .

So i can’t check your recent fix…

Anyway thanks for adding ddpi order, I can use forever buy / sell order…

I can do swing trading at any time … No need watch live market :star_struck:

I switch my entire portfolio from upstox to dhan …

how you will provide better support in future.

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Hi @gegobyte,

Per the new update, this is now showing correctly. Can you please share more details on to address your case.

Currently I don’t have any stock in portfolio

So i can’t check right know