Simple Desktop Terminal software

I can’t Thank Dhan Developers that develop such platform in such short span of time but there’s always a chance of improvement. i wanna just request to you guys, a simple light weight desktop terminal software whose only work is to place order no other thing. It will also work as a backup when due to some glitch web server collapse.
Some feature of Desktop software are:-
Simple and Lightweight, may even work on pantium processors
Has Iceberg Order Facility so that we have not to face Exchenges Freeze limit in Options n Futures(Auto-Order quantity slicing)
Have a easy interface to modify,cancel and Place new orders.
Have a feature of live Scanner as on Dhan web.
Requires Miniumum Internet speed


Hi @Bigbull

Thanks for your kind words on Dhan.

Trading Terminals come with their own limitations. Also the level of tech innovation in current times has more scope on a web-based platform then a desktop application. When we speak to traders, they are now used to web-based trading and prefer this over terminal for n number of reasons. I understand and respect the subjectivity of a trader for choosing the trading tools and platform.

But as of now, there is no such plan in near future to come up with terminal, but be assured we are committed to give you better experience on our web platforms then any terminal present in the industry right now.


But Dhan neglected the Traders Basic concept , Dhan can self analyse with the ratio of active users vs registered users . You made great apps but you missed the single need for a trader On Dhan a good trader can never put big bets because its ui is not simplified in terms of trade use . Dhan should have a basic ui where only the trade will get execute nothing more .
Search the scrip
chart of the scrip and buy sell That’s all Like Zerodha / fyers 1.0

Hi @NIFTY9INJA Welcome to Dhan community. Thanks for your feedback on apps, not not sure what is the source of this information. Just doing our bit to clarify here…

  • On big bets by traders, we have traders holding 50,000+ lots on index options in single position.

  • Dhan is only stock trading platform that allows auto-slicing of Iceberg, traders and instantly execute large trades in upto 100 legs. About 9% of all our orders are iceberg / beyond freeze limits

  • Dhan’s charting experience, specially with TradingView is now being copied or replicated as is by multiple large brokers.

  • On UI specific, there was a time when india had poor web connectivity and minimalistic was a thing- but today a lot has changed and not just web connectivity, quality of tech engineering and architecture has signficantly improved for us to ship better products and experiences.

While we won’t comment on any specific platforms or competition, > 90% of our users have shifted from other leading stock trading platforms to Dhan. That said, we are still a very small player in the industry, but it is heartening for us that today Dhan is setting benchmark and industry standards for everyone.