SIP pause not available

Hi @Dhan team,

I’m quite happy with the implementation of Dhan SIP, but after using it regularly for past few weeks I realised there are 2 small things which needs to be added to SIPs

  1. User can’t pause SIPs!! I wanted to stop execution of SIP today so I ended up DELETING the entire SIP for all stocks which were set to execute today, ideally I should have been able to pause and resume easily. Now I need to add them all back manually tomorrow.

  2. Flexible timing to execute SIP orders - I prefer executing SIPs towards the end of the day rather than start of the day, it would be great if user can set what time SIP gets executed. Use case: I do my analysis based on EOD candles and would like my investments be as close to EOD price as possible.

Hi @erankitjain,

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We will explore the possibilities :slightly_smiling_face: