SL gets removed for carryforward trades

Dear Team,

If we place order with a stop loss today for swing trade when the day closes the stop loss get removed. It shouldn’t be the case because next can be big gap up or gap down which may result to hug loss. Hence, to avoid that SL is kept but it fails on market close hence next day is furious.

Kindly look into it asap.

Nalin Dwivedi

Hi @dwivedinalin ,

You can use the forever sell order feature on an open position for a stop loss or target that will be valid till expiry.

Read more on this:- Introducing Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side

Hi @Divyesh ,

For FNO it is not showing the CALLS and PUTS.

Also can there be a feature putting SL while placing an order

Hi @dwivedinalin

To place an OCO order in options, simply first search the contract, click on Forever tab icon below the chart, and select “OCO”. We are working to simplify this and make it available on the Positions tab as well. For any specific query, please reach out to us at