Somthing wrong with the mobile app. Please check immediately

Hi Team,

I am facing following issues for the past one week and it is frustrating at times. I request you to look into this urgently.

  1. Unable to login to app sometimes when internet in unstable. But, other trading apps are working even with unstable network. At times, even with good internet speed the app is not working. It keeps showing mobile number and nothing happens.

  2. The app is showing different pnl every time i open the app even after market is closed. If i login using laptop, it is showing different pnl from mobile app. So, i am not sure which is my correct pnl. This is highly critical and needs to be fixed.

  3. Order page sometimes is hanging and nothing happens. I keep clicking 3 or 4 times for order to go through. This happens specially on mobile internet and it happens even if i m in 5G network. It is extremely frustrating.

Hi @Rajv, all systems are working fine at our end… we had over 75,000 concurrent traders this week on Dhan - not any incident reported like this. Request you to drop a note to us on and our team will connect on this. Also tagging them here @Dhan_Help to ensure this is addressed.