Squareoff Bots Bug

Hi Anirudh @onsomani
Today, in the morning we had a little glitch. We have identified and fixed the issue. We will make sure this wont be repeated again.

You can avail 3months free trail for squareoff. You just need to mail your userid to squareoff, requesting 3months trial

But I have already paid for the subscription. Can you help me with the extension of my plan

Secondly, this is not the first time I am facing this issue. I am sure you guys are trying your best but then unfortunately your customer is on the receiving loosing real money


We understand your concern, I have already notified my team to extend your subscription to additional six months, so your plan will be valid for 1 year plus 6 months. It should be reflected in Squareoff Algo Dashboard. We are closely working with Dhan to provide error free execution. Dhan tech team confirmed that they have fixed the issue at their end, we really apologise for the inconvenience caused. This issue shouldn’t occur again.

You can reach out to me directly at krajendran@squareoff.in if you face any issues with your subscription. We shall do the needful.


I wish and hope so. Thanks :v:

@Naman @RahulDeshpande I am being charged ~23 rs everyday for my auto squareoff inspite of me running the bot. I don’t understand how to avoid these charges are I assume squareoff bot can automatically do that

Kindly advise

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@RahulDeshpande, Could you share the link to Squareoffbot. want to know what is it all about.

@KirubakaranRajendran had a chat with Subhash alongwith Dhan yesterday, and as a user I was always of the thought that auto squareoff was done by the bot but the last time I checked my ledger, Dhan was doing squareoff for and charging me 23 rs for every squareoff of 1 lot

We spoke to Shubhash and he was like we haven’t enabled auto square off for Dhan and Dhan team and I were both under the impression that auto squareoff was done by the bot

I had to pay squareoff charges for every lot that I traded with the bot. I think there should be a clear cut communication from you guys on website or via email to the clients about actually what the bot will do for different brokers

The value proposition of the bot is just to fire the order once and then carry on with the day job, unfortunately this is not what I am doing. I will have to square it off myself everyday before 3:19 pm and most importantly there is no clear cut communication on the same

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@Naman @RahulDeshpande my order from the Squareoff bot has not been firing since last 2 trading days. Squareoff team said that API token has expired

I am not sure if I have to keep updating this every week and call the same issue again because the same thing happened on 11/04 as well

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If API is placing the orders through out the day and not placing the order at 319 then try placing at 317 instead? hope that solves your problem?

Don’t know what is this Squareoff Bot… can you share some reference to that plz…


The day end auto Squareoff is live now with Dhan. All open orders will be squared off automatically by the trading bots around 3:05 PM.


WHAT!!! OPEN ORDERS BY 305 PM? this would be utter disappointing? 320 was simply awesome. while other brokers close by 315… why 305 on Dhan? plz recall this decission


Its only for Squareoff Trading bot users where we trigger auto Squareoff from our end for all positions initiated by bot.

If you are a manual traders, this is not applicable for you.

The same did not happen today, you can check with my user id that you guys have. I waited for more than 5 mins and then squared it off manually.

I am not sure if you guys even test it before posting an update

++ @KirubakaranRajendran @Naman @RahulDeshpande

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The day end orders went through successfully for all Dhan users. It was not executed for you, because you have stopped the bot. So obviously there won’t be any orders from trading bots after it has been stopped by you.

Please feel free to reach us at support@squareoff.in for any further assistance.

I had stopped the bot at around 3:09 pm when the order was not squaredoff the bot so that I can manually square it off.

For your reference the position was not squared off and then I had to stop the not and manually square it off