Stamp Duty and Other Tax in 'get_trade_history' API


Stamp Duty is coming as zero in ‘get_trade_history’ API query and Other Tax field is missing in ‘get_trade_history’ API.

Can you please throw some light on these fields and advise?


Hello @ekveer

stampDuty field may return value as zero for particular trade where Stamp Duty has not been levied. You can check the applicability of Stamp Duty and rates here.

On the ‘Other Tax’ field, I am not sure which field are you referring here and what should be the output for this. If you can explain whether this is a new addition you want as API response and how that can be useful?

Hi @Hardik,

Thanks for your response.

What will be the unique identifier that I can give you so that you can verify the contract note? I have done a BUY trade on 8th May for which INR 11 stamp duty is levied. However, when I query using API, stamp duty value is turning out to be INR 0.00.

Reg other tax, please refer to below thread.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hello @ekveer

get_trade_history API is primarily used to fetch Trade History, and hence there might be missing fields which are present in Contract Note and not in API response. We are not planning to add ‘other tax’ in Trade History API as of now.

For data where the stamp duty is incorrect, it will be helpful if you can drop in more details about this at so that we can debug this at our end.

Hi @Hardik,

It makes sense that get_trade_history api is primarily for trade history however when you have included all charges like (‘sebiTax’, ‘stt’, ‘brokerageCharges’, ‘serviceTax’, ‘exchangeTransactionCharges’, ‘stampDuty’), it is natural that one would expect any new tax that comes up will be added to the api. Not sure if providing partial information will be of any use.

Per below thread

you have indicated that DP Charges are not part of Demat related charges, it made sense but not Other Tax.

Is there any other API which provides trade level information for every charge?

I have sent an email with details to regarding stamp duty values. Hope the issue gets fixed soon.


Hello @ekveer

Yes. We have received your mail on the stampDuty issue and working to resolve the same.

Meanwhile, on the ‘other charges’, we are evaluating whether to add the same or not and will keep you updated if and when we add the same.

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I have run the API again and stamp duty seems to be populating now. Thanks for quick turnaround.

Have you made any decision on ‘other charges’ yet?

Also, is there any api to pull forever orders? Please advise. Thanks.

Hello @ekveer

Great. We did the deployment last Friday itself. On the other charges field, we will include it. However, this might take some time. Will keep you updated as and when we add this.

There are no open APIs for Forever orders currently, so you will not be able to poll that.

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Hi @Hardik,

Not sure if this requires another thread but I found that get_trade_history api is not providing ‘tradingSymbol’ while it is provifing all other data like ‘isin’, ‘securityId’ & ‘customSymbol’.

Is this a bug or by design. Having ‘tradingSymbol’ helps a lot. Please advise. Thanks.

Hello @ekveer

Yes, just checked this. Currently we pass default null value in ‘tradingSymbol’ parameter. We already have ‘customSymbol’ there, which can help you identify your trade.

However, we have noted this and will deploy a fix for this soon. Thank you for highlighting.

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