Stock Searching - Price Range - Low to High

Searching stocks according to price range, How it possible in Dhan App.
EX:- If required stock between 10 to 50 INR or 50 to 100 INR how can find it.
If use another app it cant buy in Dhan app .

It good thing blocked this type of stock , Requesting to remove this type of stock from Dhan app and add stock filter for search the stock easily .

Please refer the attached screenshot.

Hi @Sreerajpv The stocks you were trying to trade in are restricted ones. INRADIA is illiquid while Chandrima Mercantiles is under GSM category.

Noted your feedback here, however why you think there is rational for searching stocks like Low to High. Personally I would invest in companies where fundamentals are strong or trade depending on price-action or technicals or breakouts. Price isn’t much of a factor, there are many more important things.

Your Right, Investments should be in good stock for safe. But most good stocks price are high.
In the case of Low price stocks ( Penny Stocks) we can buy more quantity with less amount.
There is risk maybe it become Zero or If we lucky can get good return like below screenshot
1 to 80 with in a year.


With Dhan Smallcase and Stratzy Available both are providing lots of good stock for investment.
Requesting Is there any firm that provide Low price stock recommendation Please add with Dhan.
it will helpful to invest whose who have low capital like me.