Stop Limit Orders


Enjoying trading on dhan though I am making losses.

Since same value is not allowed for limit and trigger, great if there is a preset value with a small difference between them. For eg, when I enter trigger value, limit value to be auto-added with small gap. It would reduce the time to place the order.

Also, On tradingview quick stop Limit order creation, the value is same for both and hence it fails. So no point in having it that way. Need to set a small gap between the two. Orders can be placed faster. If this is corrected, above issue may not be a concern.

Also there are times when I am entering the value, the entered value gets changed as price approaching the order stop Limit value. So need to edit again.

Please note all of them are for web trading view panel.

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Hi, @vineshkumar Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thanks for your suggestion. We have noted your feedback for trigger value & limit value to be auto-added with the small gap.

Also, TradingView keeps a few of its features exclusive only to its product and does not extend them to its partners. As you may know, is a hosted version of

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Six months se ye baat bata raha hu ki user ko decide karane do, what difference should be there.
Ye log wo “native tradingviw experience” ka rona laga ke baithe hai.

Pravin sir ko bhi Twitter pe msg kar ke pura problem samjhaya tha, but nothing happens

Inse nahi ho payega…

Expections mat rakho ki aisa kuch hoga…