Stop loss for swing trading

Hello everyone, i have started investing with dhan recently. Just wanted to ask that can we add stop loss for a longer time for swing trade.

Hi @yashuday, Welcome to Dhan community.

At this moment, no - we aim to bring Forever Orders on sell side for Equity and MTF soon. With that you will be able to.

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If I am not wrong, you are saying this same thing since Mar '22 - Why is forever order on the sell side only available for fno segment? - #5 by PravinJ

Also, lets imagine you finally start providing Forever Orders on sell side, I don’t know if you will provide OCO orders right away.

I am curious how you prioritize the product features and bugs. Dhan is not working on most common issues, and then I see a UI theme update, like why??? Why don’t you put the UI decoration work aside, and first focus on the core issues? Nobody cares if you make the buttons curvy if those buttons don’t work.

Thank God, I didn’t leave Zerodha completely.

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Hi @mark3tn00b, we have mentioned in the post as well that older platforms has PoA given to them and never platforms didn’t. We also mentioned that DDPI is expected to go live by end of year and it did recently. We are now working on DDPI already, should ship in next few weeks and post that Forever orders will follow.

Thanks. Could you please make sure OCO is also provided in the Forever Sell orders? This is one of the reasons I am still swing trading through Zerodha.

Yes, we understand its important - now even more important with MTF. The first version of this is DDPI, coming up soon and post that we will enable Forever with OCO.

DDPI is not a dependency for this feature. I am fine if my Forever sell order fails because I forgot to do EDIS verification that day. Please implement this independently from DDPI. Once DDPI kicks in, it will all work fine without you having to make any changes in implementation of Forever sell order.

Also, there is no OCO option in sell order of Delivery shares. How can you miss such a crucial feature??

DDPI will be available soon, will introduce Forever Orders after that. Same will be available for Delivery & MTF trades.

You still didn’t address my question - If Forever Sell orders have no dependency on DDPI, why do you have to work on that only after DDPI?

And why is there no OCO order available for normal delivery Sell order? Any good reason?

Dhan is only targeting Intraday and Fno traders, nothing wrong as brokers make most of money from there only. But just saying, you have lost Swing traders for sure without providing a critical feature of OCO orders.

FYI, It’s been 20 days of moving back from Dhan to Zerodha. I am feeling much happier.

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Hi @mark3tn00b

Just to clarify, there is a dependency on DDPI for Forever sell order in Equity. Let’s say if the Target or Stop loss is triggered as per parameter set by you, then to make the shares pay-in same day eDIS verification is required as per current process, or it will result in auction/penalty.

Then how does Zerodha do it? It simply cancels the GTT if the eDis verification is not done that day.
Anyway, DDPI is rolled out now, so let’s forget this discussion.

But I still want OCO Sell orders.

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They charging for enabling DDPI. wow lol
They probably don’t know that ZERO AMC is not a new thing in the industry, so Dhan is highly dispensable and should not add extra charges in its platform.

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“We will enable Forever with OCO”. Seriously? First enable OCO on normal orders lol.

Ok now I see why you wanted to enable Forever Sell only with DDPI even when there is no dependency to that.
You are charging Rs. 100 on DDPI so whoever wants Forever Sell needs to pay that.
What a cheap sell trick.

Lol no! I am fine paying 300 AMC to Zerodha than even 100 to your bugful thingy which you call a “Lightening app” :rofl:

Hi @mark3tn00b Not sure why something has to called as ‘cheap tricks’ - we are super transparent on our pricing and charges. DDPI requires procurement of stamp papers on which you esign when doing the process. Dhan is offering the product at cost, earlier when POA accounts were opened - cost of Stamp Papers were separate / include in the joining fees.

Zerodha provides it for free, Sir!
And btw could you please not deviate from the main theme of this thread, and please tell us when can we get OCO sell orders feature? Right now, we can’t create OCO sell orders even in normal sell orders, forget about Forever orders.