Stoploss error....!

I had put an SL but without hitting the price going down…why? i have to exit manually, what is the use of SL then?

Hi, @subhan

This has to be checked. Please provide us with more information at, or DM me.

Dont use sl limit… always use SL M it will exit at market price … Exit price may vary but it will close at market price once touch ur sl…

Hi @Rajagopal

The stop loss order is a market order (SLM). As per SEBI regulations, SLM is not allowed in options.

You submit a separate Limit or Trigger order based on your requirement, or you may add a stop loss from Positions once your initial order is executed

hi, @Divyesh
This happened many times, last time also happened & lost more than 40 points in options, & my profit was wiped out but forget to take a screenshot coz of the tense situation but the first time I was able to take a screenshot. I was testing some strategies, so took far OTM 41100.

*Kindly check, It was my last trade of mine.

41100 PUT.
Entry 13:11:58 at 29.25
SL 22.10

but without hitting SL the price went down and I exited manually. I have also cross-checked contract note, as per contract note trade exited at

14:23:57 at 19.55.
Just Imagine what if did not exit manually, this error will wipe out the whole money from the account, so pls work on it.

As a scalper we have to take many trades- “Quick entry & Quick exit or trail SL” but this error hunting me, restricts me to take a trade. Hope your team will solve this problem ASAP. I have also attached a full screenshot for reference.

NO, brother in options trading u can not use SL-M, you only have to use SL Limit.

Please provide us with more information at, or DM me.

what more info u need??? I have given everything.

Hi @subhan,

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