Stoploss for delivery trades

Being a swing trader, stop-loss for delivery trades is a must have for me.

I don’t understand the concept of not having an option to set a stoploss for stocks in portfolio.
Not all traders trade intraday. Other brokers are miles ahead in this aspect.
Is this because of CDSL verification? Why not prompt at the beginning of the day?
Not at all implementing due to this makes using the platform really difficult for swing traders.

Are you guys really limiting the stoploss orders to intraday trades?
If that’s the case, it’s going to be a goodbye from my side.

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@PravinJ : I too think Forever Stoploss for swing trades will be very helpful. It’s better to do CDSL verification every morning, rather than putting stoplosses for all the positions that I hold. It’s quite error-prone and time-consuming.

Features like this, will make Dhan platform even more attractive, considering the fact that Kites, Groww, etc already have this

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Hi @BuyHigh_SellLow, welcome to Dhan community. Also hello @SnehashisD, thanks for your kind words.

This feedback is noted. We rarely look at competition when it comes to building product or experience, ideally want to bring a seamless experience to users. Solving for Forever / GTT on Equity sell side continues to be on top of our minds and we are evaluating on how to solve this. We will keep our users updated on same.

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@PravinJ Bracket Order can be helpful for this where we can set the entry, exit and stop loss for swing trade, now bracket order is only available for intraday, please implement Bracket Order for Swing trade also this will help the swing traders. This important feature can help Dhan to gain popularity among swing traders

@BuyHigh_SellLow I think Bracket Order for swing trade can help on this

how can i set stoploss for deliveries? can bracket order be used for carryforward deliveries?

Any further update on this?

Dear @kishore_tcr , @Pranjal , @AKM,

Forever Orders with OCO is now live for Delivery & MTF orders. You can read more about it here- Now Live: Forever Orders with OCO (for MTF & Equity)