Strategies Representation for Options with Historical Data

Dear Team, You have made a very good platform for trading and investment and is gradually taking over the established competitors in terms of the features and the UI and UX.

A humble request to incorporate features of Option strategies and their graphical representation with historical data access for that particular strategy for at least the past 3 years. It is essential as one has to subscribe to expensive platforms like Opstra or Neostox or Sensibull to get some of the features for testing the strategy and viewing the past performances.

Incorporating such an interface and feature will surely uplift the worthiness of the Dhan platform which will be a one-stop hub for everything in trading and the newbies will get the confidence to take the calculated risk vs the return based on the graphical representation of the strategy and the historical data to check the ROI.

Please look into this request and do the needful. More Power To Dhan Developers


Thanks @dexter for your kind words.

Options Trader is still in its earliest phases, something wha Dhan was when we launched in November when we opened it up for all. We are getting tons of feedback on this everyday and we are going through each of that and making our notes to start building next set of features.

For now we are focussed a lot to ensure reliability of the app, making it more seamless in every bit that matters to Options Traders. More features, and many exciting ones will follow soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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