Strategy Builder- Inaccurate Option Maths and values

@PravinJ Hi!
I’ve been a fan of option-analytics and have been using tools for the same. So far Sensibull has been the cornerstone of all my strategies for quite some time. I believe that they have the most accurate math and values.
Though I’m planning to diversify to Dhan, analytics is holding me back.
The IVs are not updated even after the day close. The breakevens are goofed up. I mean it’s a long list.

Can you please look into this?
I mean before any product update please look into the maths.

Anticipating your prompt response!

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Hi @Bhaskarsingh Thanks for your note, I would suggest sharing specifics on the feedback, that will help us work on things and improve wherever we can. Our teams are available on

We have shared how the models of Options Trader here:

On Sensibull, we would have been keen to integrate with them and let users choose platforms of their choice. Unfortunately, they have their own plans. That aside, we keep integrating with lots of platforms for traders to choose their own, a list is available here:

@PravinJ Good morning!

Specifics will take time. But I’ll for sure drop you a detailed mail on this. Nevertheless, I compared it with a few other tools and the deviation was quite significant.