Strategy chart is delayed

Hello Dhan Support Team,
I have observed delay in Strategy Chart. I have created Short Straddle in Option Strategy builder and observed, strategy chart is not the real time chart in Dhan. It is delayed by almost more than 5 minutes. Could you please check and help to get real time update? I tried by refreshing page, clicking refresh chart button also. Please find attached screenshot where clock time is 2.40 pm where as chart only updated to 14.35 (2.35 pm).

Hi @tradezone, Welcome to the Dhan Community !

At this moment, we have kept default 5 min time frame for the startegy chart. Hence, it will be updated in every 5 min only.

We have made a note of your suggestion and will explore the possibility to improve your product expereince.

Hi Sameet,
I have observed that, chart is not getting updated even after completing 5 min time frame. Sometime it takes 10 min to update chart. Could you pls check?

One more observation: When we zoom strategy chart, it does not show latest time. Please find below screenshot default view (last point 12:40) and zoomed view (last point 12:20) and see latest timing of chart at last point. Zoom option is really not a good one. It is not having dynamic feature.

Hi @RahulDeshpande
Could you please have a look into this?
No one responding on my query.

Hi @tradezone,

We have checked this with our team. As of now, it requires a manual refresh for the startegy chart to be updated as per 5 min time frame.

Further, we will optimize the strategy chart zoom-in and explore the possibilities to add a slide bar for better experience.