Suggestion for important features required on Dhan

Hi @PravinJ @Dhan I have few suggestions regarding some feature enhancement. Can you please look into this

  1. Only one pin option on web. Needs one more like for Nifty/BankNifty pair or any other
  2. Delete button directly on watchlist stocks to manage watchlist faster
  3. New stocks added in watchlist should be at bottom rather than at top
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Hi Amol,

Feedback is noted… we are working on something that should solve for #1, And for #2 as well we are seeing at user behaviour and exploring same changes.

On 3, we have users who like it otherwise as well… hence we will keep it same for now. Rest changes, we will evaluate soon.


i like the 3rd option too… me too prefer new added scripts to the bottom…

Delete stocks option from watchlist is creating very trouble. It gets automatically disappear in Dhan web.
Please try to resolve this issue along with the suggestions i mentioned earlier.

Hi @Amol - only two things automatically disappear from the watchlist on Dhan

  1. Expired contracts
  2. If any stocks are added on system generated watchlists like ‘Invested’ if added via

If you find the behavior otherwise, please share with our customer support team on and we will resolve.

Hi @PravinJ
Is there any scope for these points to update.
Also one more sugeestion
When we execute orders then on web it shows multiple popups… if any chart is open then it shows on chart and creates trouble for sometime. Is there option to enable/disable to this option. Attaching snap for reference

Hi @Amol, This isn’t an bug as such, possibly an outcome of our integration. Dhan offers the best possible TradingView experience with charts, trade from charts, auto-save indicators, latest libraries, and more - what we did ahead is incorporated these libraries across all our platforms for consistency and manage experience well. Only on this case - we embed the whole experience in Dhan web - where both notifications are triggered.

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Hi @PravinJ @Dhan Thanks for considering this points. Now i can see delete option directly on stocks in web. Also floating window is now present but just needs an update. Because in floating window sometimes banknifty doesnot show so we need to refresh the page.
Rest you are doing things good now.

hey @Amol - based on your feedback, we also moved the dhan notifications for orders to right corner, and also have reduced the time for which they stay.

Floating Window, if you cancel or cross any of the indices - it will go. Then you will have to turn it of again.

@PravinJ yes observed the same…Thanks a lot for this modifications

@PravinJ I would also love to have this option:
“New stocks added in watchlist should be at bottom rather than at top”
You can add a setting for users to decide where they want stocks to get added.

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Too many personalisations like these, make systems slower. We will review a way to overhaul watchlist over a period of time, small developments we will push quicker.

Btw, we have introduced a fully customisable watchlist for traders on Options Trading platform on web: it’s on