Suggestion for improvement in trading platform

I have some suggestions about the Dhan web and app of, if it is done then it will be better 1 Please provide option Greek in option chain.
2 Please provide facility to add option premium in Basket order from option chain
3 Price alert SMS should also be received on Mobile phone
4 Enlarge the font size of Stock and UI for better visibility
5 Add the date of upcoming result of stock in CA section
6 Instead of 5 years, the investment return should be given for at least 10 years which is in the fundamental section, the same should also be given for 10 years instead of 5 years in Financial result
6 Make the news section a bit bold and colorful to make it easier to read.

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Thanks @Yadu for your suggestions, made a note of this. Few we already have…

  1. Option Greeks on Option Chain, we have introduced on Option Chain on TradingView ( You can read about that here: Introducing Option Chain on TradingView (
    Yes, we will bring this to web & app as well.

  2. You can add Puts / Calls directly from Option Chain on app: Live: Add Options directly to Baskets from the Option Chain. We will bring this to web as well.

  3. Price Alerts on SMS we had thought about this, but it costs a lot. We will have to pass on the costs to users hence we dropped this… At this point of time we want to ensure we do not charge anything more than brokerage to most of our users. Also any information over SMS for stocks may get flagged off as stock tips, which we will result in blocking of Dhan messages.

  4. UI we are constantly improving.

  5. Noted this, will explore.

  6. Noted this as well.

  7. UI we will be constantly improving on.


Thanks for giving reply, You answered honestly for many things. If all these improvements are done, then surely no one else will be in competition with you,I will definitely transfer my fund from fyers to Dhan, But please firstly do for Font size.

For Price Alerts Please Add Some Sounds, Because The Alers Are Unable to Identify Those Who Are Using

& In App The Pre-Open And Market Sounds Are Good, Please Add This Feature To Web.


Hi @Ktej

Noted. A revamp of Price Alerts is due, we want to add more capabilities to this feature - we will add custom sound to the same.