Support through whatsapp

Hey DHAN can you please give the support to the client through whatsapp like others do it will be more convenient for the client

Hi @Ashu

Our customer service is available on Call, Email, Instant Chat and through Social Media. Whatsapp - we are not sure how it will be helpful.

Its user’s personal space and we don’t want to intrude there, at least for customer support. Also personally not very aligned towards extending customer service via WhatsApp, not sure which stock trading platforms are doing this. Few brokers do send buying / selling tips / calls on WhatsApp - but that is something we never get into.

Have you tried DhanHQ on twitter?

Yes Pravin sir I appreciate your decision to not enter in personal space because I face the same issue as other brokers + almost all social or service related platform is sending messages to update through Whatsapp so it’s a bit annoying and irritating
so I am glad you take a good decision
I remember Dhan only send 1 message at the time of opening the account after that Dhan will never send any msg after that :+1:

Now days Whatsapp no more a massaging app its now a promotion and smap app

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