System Stop Loss should be overriden when user manually exits order

Dear Team,

A feature request:

When an order is placed with SL and user later tries to exit due to SL user is unable to so, user has to manually again remove SL and then exit which is time taking also affects Profit/Loss.

When the user manually exiting the order it should over ride all the SL order. SL should be for protecting loss not from user blocking his exit manually.

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@dwivedinalin sometimes I also face the same problem
Hope @dhan @PravinJ will take care of this keeping the view of Sebi guidelines

hi @dwivedinalin @DebadattaMahakud The way this works is - these orders when placed are already lying with exchanges - your first trade results you to open a position and when you add a Stop-Loss to this - Dhan will map that as a stop-loss on this position.

In case you exit manually by putting an new order - you are actually putting a fresh order in the system that is counter to your earlier order, however the earlier one remains in exchange.

As a broker, or as an exchange - both do not know the intention of this new order, is it fresh or closure to existing. Hence earlier orders will continue, and as a result you will have to manually exit them. Please note - we cannot take these decisions on your behalf, Dhan is an execution platform.

Made a note of this however, will see if there are ways to solve this.

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While placing a manual exit order, based on the position available if a “nudge” is provided to user stating are you closing the existing position and if user answers “yes” then the stoploss order placed while placing the initial order should be cancelled automatically. See if this can be achieved @Dhan. Thanks.

These are good ideas, but it means tinkering with live trading systems, it’s critical to ensure they run smoothly. Everywhere and on this forum itself, you will see traders want execution on a lightning-fast manner, these things add computation on top of them and then of-course load times.

Trading systems and super complex, and we want to ensure we give priority to execution over everything else.