Time for pulling up new charts needs significant improvement

Hey @Dhan @PravinJ
As much as I dig the features you guys provide and how active the Dhan team is, there is room for improvement in the overall performance of the platform.
Every other day there is some feature that needs some bug fix, and I get it that it is how products are gradually built but chart loading time is something that should be of utmost importance.
Afterall charts are the essence of what we all love.
Noticed this today, and even pulling up new scripts seemed to be taking a lot more time than it actually should.
Hope you guys work this one out in a jiffy.

Hi @Vishk519 ,

We are constantly upgrading and improving the performance of web.dhan.co and all our platforms. Chart load optimization is a key priority for us, and we are constantly working towards it.

It will be very helpful if you could share how much time did it take to load the charts for you today.

Hey @RahulDeshpande,

Switching between different timeframes often ended up needing a hard refresh of the page itself, sometimes even more than once.
But once a higher TF, say 75 mins completed loading, after that, it was effortless to switch between smaller timeframes in the same script.

The real problem lies when switching between scripts, and that problem seems even more intensive in TV charts, taking anywhere between 10-30 seconds, sometimes even more.

Hi @Vishk519

I tried this on the stock you mentioned - it seems work well. Like Rahul said we monitor the performance always and roll our faster versions every week on charts.

Link: Screen Recording 2022-07-20 at 10.07.46 AM.mov - Google Drive

You will see there is lag in this video when TradingView is changed to ChartIQ, that is because my default library is set to TV and I am loading ChartIQ for first time on this machine. And we are working towards optimising this as well.

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Hey @PravinJ,

tried the whole loading exercise just now, and it does load up the charts quite effortlessly.
I’m not sure but I’ll try to emulate it again sometime right after the market opens up to see if the problem crops up again.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to upload the video.

Hey no worries @Vishk519, its for us to ensure you get a seamless experience on Dhan. Feedback like this helps us build a awesome experience for our users.