Today again profit converted to loss

After 3pm order execution not working on app and web also so my profitable position comes in loss. If anybody wants video proof i will provide it.
Such a waste and useless broker. Really frustating.


Hi @Amol

We are experiencing normal order execution on our end, Request you drop an email with your details at to check your specific case.

@Simran4599 Ji @PravinJ

Tell me the address of your office I`ll come and trade from your office wifi only because its working shit at my end.
For last few days orders punched on TV are delaying by 10-15 secondsand executing at random prices at slightest increase in volatility.
Today whole day it was like that only. All the orders that I punched there was delay, and order window get stuck then error notification and after some time getting order execution confirmation. How Does it look like? Please let us know If Dhan “Made for Traders” is ready to awcknowledge the issues in system and work on it or everything is good at their end and customers can go to hell. Instead of adding more features are you guys not suppose to resolve existing short comings.


Bye Bye Dhan leaving Dhan with a bitter taste, The platform is just full of bugs, third class execution, hope others are making money as I was not. Not because of wrong analysis but delays in order execution, better to switch to a reliable broker than throw away money in Dhan.

I hope Karma will get you guys. All the very best.

Yes there is slowness in placing order…dhan have an issue… correct before April month end…else bye bye from my end too

Same happened with me. Not able to modify or cancel order around 3pm. When I called customer care they deny the issue and told me logged out from all devices but saala logout bhi nhi ho rha tha. My profit was converted into loss and then it started working fine.

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at least u don’t lie , if u lie then how would u fix the problem

Hi @Amol @oldbuoy @Nivetha @Riteshkhanna @dsc

We had extremely high volume of orders y’day - as result orders queued up momentarily on one of our order management systems and this clears automatically when orders are processed in that order queue. The orders continue to run normally on order management systems, and our teams see that orders are going well and we check this when we get such instances.

We are seeing number of traders going up on Dhan every week, and we are scaling things up to ensure we continue to support such instances.

how long would it take to scale up , won’t trade until then. ?

This is not a problem on specific day…It happens multiple times… And everytime getting same answer. Untill this resolves #bybydhan

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i wonder why don’t they shut down app until problem is resolved.
dhan users loosing crores of money because of bugs . @PravinJ

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This issue is persisting from more than 2 months if I am not wrong. And also from past few days not a single square off order was executed without 5 to 10 sec delay. Don’t know what else this shitty service is called . You guys know you have issue in server capacity still you put blame on customers, why don’t you you stop Intraday all to gather till you build your CAPACITY, why should we as a customer face loss despite of no fault of ours.

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I am facing the issue multiple times. The order execution gets stuck and not able to update. Very much disappointed with Dhan. At crucial hours system legs and doesn’t support. Need to correct the issue ASAP. OR ELSE BYE BYE TC DHAN.

got 50k loss on Tuesdays because of this . bought option at 15 didn’t show mtm in position , after 10 minutes suddenly my position pop up when price already reach 11.
yesterday it happened 2 times even after RE LOGIN 2 times .

didn’t trade yesterday in second half lost opportunity .


I am too facing such issues. Screen freezing on order placement, no confirmation received, multiple order being places, etc.

Team Dhan, just freeze on your features rollout thing and fix this most basic thing which everyone is expected. Please !!!

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@PravinJ @Dhan now see there are multiple users facing this issue and not for single time its for multiple times so you need to really think about it. I also suggested pin for Indexes which is provided by every broker but you answers me there are many users with smaller screen size and etc. I expected different answer from you but you replied with completely illogical answer. I think you just need to focus on core things first like this instaed of fancy things like multiple tabs and all.

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customer care suggested me to log out/log in and reconnect wifi. till that profit will be wiped off. LOL dhan. Dhan is good for long term investment only. i Faced this issue 3 times in march. their server is not capable to handle big volume during volatility. @Amol


@oldbuoy Mr Pravin cant do anything about as Dhan server is not capable to handle huge volume during volatility. Use dhan only for long term investment not for trading.

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Dhan can be used for investments but they have only chosen that they will serve the trader community !!!
Now, if thats what they have the target market, they need to stop all non-core activities and development and put all their focus on improving the performance.

Our comments might hurt you …please ensure that customers should not get hurt…i once had an account with profit Mart,i got hurt by their service and now I am in dhan…i don’t want to explore other opportunities…pls don’t make us

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