Today also systfail

Please pick up call having open positions


We are checking it and our teams are already on this.

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How many times sir???

Sir hamari positions open hai

Who will bear loss atleast today

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How much more evidence you require

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Same here. Worst experience.

Worst experience. Happened again. No help from customer care. No one picks the phone. Moving out of this platform.


At this point I think it’s best that we move on from Dhan.

If crashes are this frequent and persist for so long, The team seems to be in over their heads and I don’t want to get dragged under.

I’ll be looking into alternatives from today and move out my PF soon.


Hi @RahulDeshpande

Can you look into following pending order?

I’m unable to reach out to support.

Can you please cancel the order?

Mr. @RahulDeshpande
What is the process to close DHAN account. We are group of 35 People and all of us want to close our stupid and utter garbage dhan accounts.
Your System is highly unstable and due to our open positions we are stuck till Wednesday.


Yeah same here. Also, why is the money for withdrawal is less than the actual money in the account.

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Hi @RahulDeshpande ,

Can you please call on my mobile that I shared?

Couldn’t even login to mobile at the time of squareoff.

Hi @PravinJ ,

I’m still unable to reach out to customer support.

Can you please arrange a callback on my mobile?

You will not get any call. Dont expect. Close Dhan account and move out to a stable broker

Hi @Amitagsk @sudhakar229 @Vishk519 @Sammy @hrs070

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that you faced today. We have posted the incident report here addressing all your queries.

A snippet from the report :point_down:

If you had any intraday position, which remained open & outstanding, our team is trying to close it in the Post-close session for Equity-cash segment. For F&O positions (except FINNIFTY positions expiring today) which were created for intraday and could not get squared off, the same shall be carry-forward to the next trading session. Our team shall close it as soon as the market opens on 16th August.

Please be assured we will reach out to you.


With Dhan atleast u can expect accountability and willingness to compensate. I have been hit 5 times in the top broker platform and got no compensation. Dhan is different. Dhan will root for the customer.

Which ever broker one goes to tech issues will happen. How the broker responds is the measure with which we need to evaluate a broker.


Haha your team :rofl: :laughing: :joy: :smile: :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Hi @RahulDeshpande because of today issue my position is still open and I am facing loss because of this

Please find my screenshot here

Now I can’t even trade on commodity as my entire amount is locked in this open position

Worst experience ever

Pls do favour

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Not sure about others but on every expiry day after 3pm, web site and app both suddenly becomes very slow. Order placement or even page refresh takes 45-60 seconds. Reported this few months back but they were very reluctant and blamed browser or slow internet. Today was one of the disastrous day for all traders.

This is a big blow to Dhan, people will definitely leave this platform for sure.

Worst thing still is and was that their customer support, call n trade both were not reachable. Even this point of time also not possible to onow what will happen to open positions.