Today also systfail

@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ @JayG @AlokPandey Would love to have a RCA report from your side to calm the nerves here. The trust put by community on Dhan tech is obviously shaken due to the recent glitches.

Hi @t7support Yes, we are on this. The issue has happened because of an internal process called real-time allocation reporting to exchanges, every trade that is done for margin reporting is reported. We saw surge of traders / trades / volumes and as a result of this… the allocation process stopped working. Our teams are working to isolate this process.

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Thanks @PravinJ. Good to know that the issue causing process has been identified.

Good to know. But why it happened twice?
Damage has been done already. 20 out of 35 traders from my group are closing their dhan accounts. Other waiting funds transfer.
I cant speak on everyone behalf but most likely remaining one either close their accounts or leave it and make the accounts dormant.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @JayG @AlokPandey @shraddha
It seems like you are so selective about refunding the loss.
No One acknowledge the email i’ve sent. Its been whole day. It is not surprising. I believe you are not refunding the money because , i posted too much about the System Failures. Isn’t it?

@t7support See, Can’t expect any transparency and accountability from dhan team while Good Sir, you always boasting how great they are.

Good Show

Hi @Sammy

We are reaching out to everyone who has raised the issue with us, if you havent received any communication from us today, be assured you will receive it by tomorrow.

As there are influx of queries, some users unfortunately wouldnt have been able to contact yet. But you will be reached out.

Request your patience please.

Lets See if i get any response.

As dhan guys pointed out there are a lot of customer queries in queue to be serviced. Even my mail is yet to get a response. From past experiences I am hoping for a favorable response. Also note that you won’t get sidelined because you posted anything negative about Dhan.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @jay @AlokPandey @shraddha @t7support

Slow cap for your snail speed support. No Message, No Email, No Response and above all No Intention for Refund.
What else we can expect from Dhan.

Hi @Sammy We understand it may be frustrating for our users, at same time it is challenging for us as well where we are doing our best to do multiple things - ensure our systems scale, support existing users and also ensure we get back to all users who were affected by the incident.

We had 150,000+ users on that day, about 2000 affected positions that day, and many of these positions also exited the positions when they were square-off by themselves or by risk team.

We know which users are affected and we will connect with them. What doesn’t help, unfortunately in such cases that many try to take advantage of situation with false claims (this happens) + repeated requests + users claiming for more.

We may choose to simply ignore, show terms and conditions signed up for and move on ahead with things like most broking platforms do. We choose to assist our users instead, it may take time but our teams will connect with all users. Request to have patience.


Any updates on refund? I am still waiting.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @shraddha @JayG @AlokPandey
Any updates on refund? I am still waiting.

DMed you. Request you to please share your UCC

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This is very bad habit of Dhan, they always want screen recording or screenshot as if we should leave aside our live position and work on feedback

hi @nickpats

I completely understand your point. Most customer queries are resolved without the need for videos or screenshots. However, for certain users, visual aids like screenshots and videos prove to be immensely helpful. They can significantly expedite the troubleshooting process, benefiting not only the users seeking immediate assistance but also enhancing the overall efficiency of addressing similar issues for other users.

Responded to you. Please check.

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Any update @RahulDeshpande