Total P&L in P&L Statement

I had a small query, does the Total P&L value in P&L Report also include brokerage charges & STT etc?

Hi @dhruvism,

It includes Brokerage. The rest of charges are shown separately in the table below.

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please give profit loss statment like angel one giving so we get clear idea how is our performence. thanks


@Dhan_Help The P&L statement does not contain DP change. How can we know the absolute profit?

@sv28 we have created a new PNL statement which include all the charges. It will be live in the next build, do share your UCC on and our team will send you the PNL over email.

Note: You can also refer to your ledger for detailed charges. Ledger statement can be downloaded in CSV format which can be easily opened in Excel. You can use filters to analyze the charges. The DP Charges will contain the text “Dp Txn Charges”

i am having problem with trading view chart, when i place to order its execute but the same time i place to sl or stop limit its rejecting notifications like you dont have enough amount to place this order even is sl or target order , for that have to go dhan web and there i covered my naked position after that go to square off my position with target that not placing , i talked with customer executive but they couldnt solve this problem even i sent them recording video but customer service is very poor, now i am here if any person who can solve this so will continue then i have to request for delet . #tired

Hi @mosinaalam, Welcome to Dhan community!

We tried calling you however we were unable to establish contact with you.

You can place either stoploss or target from position tab or chart once the first leg is executed. If you are getting rejection of insufficient funds this could be due to pending order against your open position. Request you to help us with a convenient time so we can address your specific scenario.

Just to add, we are unable to view the video shared by you as it requires access.

hi @mosinaalam, we have introduced Dhan Native Order Placement Window on TradingView. You can use that, more about this is here: Introducing: Dhan’s Standard Order Window on TradingView ( with Margin Requirements

for my convinience i use tv chart, i already try at dhan web but there aslo happening, when order is executed we will get the sound notification it confirmes as , there runing profit loss…, vedio acess i passed it

how much marigin will be required ? and if i have buy positions want square off that also required margin…

Hi Mosin, we tried connecting you but were unable to reach, request you to revert us on mail send by us with the suggest a feasible time to connect.

@iamshrimohan @Dhan_Help

Hi , something wrong in calculation of P&L on 08 Aug 2023.

I have taken 200 qty of NIIT in may month at avg rate of 414…

Stock got Demerged and NIIT and NLSL 2 companies got formed.

NIIT stock price came down from 414 to 86
and NLSL got listed at 360

so i had 200 qty of NIIT at 86 and NLSL at 360

i sold 200 NIIT at 86 and NSLS at 364

so as per my calculation i made profit of Approx Rs. 7200 before taxes and brokerage

also yesterday i sold Gland pharma 200 qty at 1500 which i have bought at 1425 . so approx Rs 15000 profit before tax and charges

i did 3 intraday trades…

bought mphasis 200 qty at 2355 and sold at 2375 , so approx 4000 profit before charges

supreme ind bought 200 qty at 3815 sold at 3826 so apprix 2000 profit

cleanscience bought 200qty at 1379 and sold at 1390 so 2000 profit

so overall i made Rs 30200 profit before tax and brokerage… but in trader diary it shows 41000 loss… i am totally confused…

no help from customer care. they saying refer to community post… can someone help

Hi @gauravrane please share your UCC over DM, ill get this checked.

How to privately DM you my ID… as i tried its getting posted here in community, you dm me so i can reply

I have got it. Will revert you in DM.

Where do i get the p&l statement from ? Downloadable from app pr over email ?

When will be this p&L statement you were referring to go live??

Its already live. You can request your P&L statement from Statements and Reports Section from App/Web

@iamshrimohan The Turnover column in the PnL report is the one which would be used to check if CA audit is required?

@sv28 No that value of TO is as per SEBI which is sum of buy and sell value. For Tax Audit perspective, you can apply the excel formula ABS on Realized Gain and add them together. Refer to the post here.