Trader Controls SOS πŸ†˜

Trader Controls SOS :sos:

  1. Kill Switch:- why should kill switch square Positional Trades (brought for long term) ?
    The Kill switch should either have a Toggle for positional trades or not square- them off at all.

  2. SOS for Overtrading and Heavy Losses should be user defined.
    Suppose I want max 6 (3 entry and exit) per day now there’s No option to do so.
    Same for Heavy Losses

Currently all these features are USELESS (especially the Kill Switch)

Hi @infiniti

  1. The Kill switch does not square-off your positions. The current message you see in the App will be updated soon. The square-off can only be done from your end. This is because markets fluctuate all the time, and it can work both the ways - in the time that you decide to kill switch automatically - markets can go up or down, and so will your losses or profits. As a broker, we can’t decide these things for you.

  2. Thanks for your feedback on overtrading trade limit. We will forward it for evaluation.