Trader's Diary - Out of Sync With Contract Note

Hi @Dhan_Help ,

Can you please explain why the Trader’s Diary Net Realised Profit is out of sync with the contract note in the following simple case of an intraday trade?


@pushpa The calculation for TD is as below: 1332 (Gross Profit) - 130.91 (Charges) - 20 (Brokerage) = 1,181.09

Now in the CN the net obligation amount is Rs. 1179.96 (Which is Rs. 1.33 less than the TD). The difference of Rs. 1.33 is due to IPFT (Appear as Other Tax in the Contract Note) which is not yet factored in the TD. In the new built, it would be resolved.


Thanks @iamshrimohan for providing the clarification.

Would be looking forward for an update on this thread once fixed!

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