Trader's diary shows a different P&L

The trader’s diary shows a different P&L compared to the P&L statement for the same timeframe. Why is it so? Is it because Trader’s diary doesn’t account for the booked/realized P&L? Or that P&L statement doesn’t account for the brokerages/charges?

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same thing happen to me also

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In daily trading diary it showing differnt P&L (last day trading P&L is missing) and when I choose custom date or monthly it is showing me the actual.


Hey @PravinJ ,

I’m sure there are bugs in the calculations, I’ve tried to explain the issue to @Dhan_Help over email with detailed transactions.

Hope to see correction soon!

Thanks for your notes everyone. @dhruvism @SM70 @ameyghk @pushpa

Request everyone to share your observations with us on and @Dhan_Help team will have this checked and also resolved.

Trader’s Diary is still in beta and available for few users, we haven’t announced it yet.

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