Traders Diary Update Time Change Reg-Atleast 8 AM Daily

Hii Dhan Team,

This is just a suggestion. I have a habit of journaling my previous day trades every morning by looking at P&L Statements. But the Traders diary only updates after 9.00AM. But After 8.45 Am traders usually prefer to prepare for Pre Market Analysis & trade plans for the day. So Every day I need to wait till 9.00AM to get the reports then there is no time to journal it. So I skip every day until the evening. So Backlogs are created. It will be very helpful to us if the traders diary updates at 7.00AM everyday. At Least 8 AM everyday.

Other brokers update this every morning 7 Am .Hope Dhan will consider this request.

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Hi @er.thiyagaraju - Noted this, we will have to check how this can be achieved. Our processes are all tied up with settlements and also whats referred to as BOD (Beginning of Day) processes with brokers - where everything for day is ensured to be correct. We will look at some alternatives, if it permits - we will try for sure.