Trader's Diary - Very Useful

Hi @PravinJ,

Trader’s Diary feature is not released yet, but I can say that it’s going to be Super Useful once its released, as the trader don’t have to calculate monthly returns manually every month!


Quick Feedback:

  1. Very important and useful
  2. Finding some bugs in the calculation
  3. It would be great if the total absolute and % gains are also shown for YTD
  4. If possible, would love to see Equity Curve chart in absolute and % terms

Hey @pushpa,

Thank you for your kind words. We have released the first version of Trader’s diary for limited users at this point and we are working towards making the experience seamless & complete. Your feedback has been duly noted and most of them are already a work in progress.

Happy Trading and we would love to hear any other feedback that you may have.



This is very impressive. We are in a position to view our trade deals within seconds.

Good work. Keep going.


Sure, adding some ideas to the list:

  1. At present, WIN/LOSS is shown based on the gains before taxes and brokerage. Instead, NET PROFT (after taxes and brokerage) should decide a win/loss. Also, by default the list view should show the net profit and detailed view show all the fields.

  2. If possible, please add one more button “Y” for yearly view, covering Indian FY.

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Thanks @pushpa. Noted your suggestions.

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Few days ago when i checked, it was showing net realised. Why its changed now.

Hey @sharu_john ,

You can still view net realised by tapping on the respective day/month for which you want to view your trades. Let me know incase of any doubts.