Tradersync - The Complete Trade Journal platform is now Live with Dhan with Autosync

Tradersync is a trade Journal tool that helps traders boost their performance by analyzing their own trade reports in the most effective way

Here are some features that can help a trader / Investor to make better decisions just by analyzing their past performance.

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3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Performance

Step 1 Journal Your Trades

Dhan users can directly sync their trades

Step 2 Identify Your Patterns

Step 3 Boost Your Performance

You can check all the details on the website

Here is the tutorial guide for you to explore the product - Video Tutorial Resources

Read about the Journey of Tradersync here:

Feel free to get in touch with us for any query :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Dhan community @Nik :muscle:

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Any INDIAN product of similar kind ??

Thanks for this post and this tool looks promising and will definitely turnout to be useful in a trader’s journey.

But with all due respect, how is this post featuring in the ‘Product Announcements’ category? From what I checked through previous posts, this category is dedicated to DHAN product announcements. I thought may be this tool is available with DHAN but turns out it isnt.

A humble suggestion -
If DHAN is partnering with 3rd party tools and would like to promote them in product announcements category, then first of all I suggest you to re-think this decision wrt to the definition of the category. If you still think that this post could feature in this category then please adopt general social media etiquettes being followed everywhere on YT, instagram etc - clearly mark in the beginning that this is a - “Promotional Post”
Also, I think users will appreciate if for every partnership you will make it evidently clear in the post itself, whether this product comes with its own subscription or comes as part of dhan app.

this is customized for Indian markets

2500 per month ! Subscription fees ???(

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Excelsheet expert can do all these tricks also you can hire an expert too for this project as per the requirement. Just have to input the data manually everytime when you take trade.

Hi @Pradhan, yes excel can do some tasks but it’s a tedious and manual process and there is a limitation when trade logs increase and requires a lot of discipline to do so

If you are entering trades manually then Tradersync is free to use with all the basic analytics.

Now, here is the catch, if you want to automate the process of manually entering it then with Dhan you directly sync it.

Other than this you can map multiple brokers, different asset classes, and even multiple traders into a single account, and it takes you to the process where you can go deep dive and analyze your trades from different perspectives, it provides you insights ( A.I driven ) too where the major impact has been made or where you should focus more or avoid based on your trading behavior.

If you need a demo, we are happy to take you through the whole process

P.S. For Dhan users there is an exclusive discount of flat 40%

Surely i will try out the features available.

Showing this error while signing up

It’s working at our end, you can also download the mobile app and try it.

Also if you face further issues, please ping me at, will connect and resolve it

Where is the pricing for India ? I see only a US $ pricing, which is way too high

P.S. For Dhan users there is an exclusive discount of flat 40%